Online FTP Editor PHP Script jQuery Software

This online FTP editor  script software lets you to edit the files content online with jQuery.

Online FTP Editor

Online FTP Editor Screenshot

This online application lets the users to edit the content of the files online without downloading.The users can edit and save the content on the application workspace.

Software Advantages

  • No need of downloading and installing any application software on the desktop required.
  • No need to download any files offline.

But this application is not only limited to edit the existing files but you can also

  • Create Files online
  • Create Folders online
  • Upload Multiple Files online
  • Create Backups online

all of the things can be done through the application workspace.

The software is written in PHP and jQuery ,which means it can be installed on unlimited hosting environments.
Being programmed on the jQuery provides more interactive working experience

The installation of this software is pretty much easy and you have to edit one single file to make it work.

Download this Online FTP Editor PHP Script jQuery Software

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